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A family of interconnected projects working with key industry stakeholders and Government to deliver commercially viable, scalable and environmentally sound services using drone technology across all environments (surface, underwater, air & space).

Built by industry, funded by industry and delivered by the best suppliers from around the world...

About the Phoenix Programme

In November 2018, in a desire to drive the drone industry's journey to full industrialisation,  to widespread frustration at the speed of development of the UK drone industry, a team of 64 leading drone companies came together to form an ad-hoc group, the Drone Delivery Group, to develop a strategy paper for the UK Government.

The white paper, entitled the ‘Commercialisation of the UK Civil Drone Industry, which has now been issued to Government, inspired the Chief Executive of Drone Major Group to establish a framework which could realise the paper's core recommendations.

Drone Major Group has established the Phoenix Programme to deliver one of the key recommendations of the white paper, that of drone test and development areas designed to deliver capability to the user community and enable the drone industry to evolve from trials to commercialisation.

The Phoenix Programme, which has captured the imagination of the drone and wider industry, now consists of an increasing number of projects all of which have been designed to provide an inclusive, non-competitive and fair approach to commercialisation.

In the News

Words By: Robert Garbett Drone Major Group unveils world’s first sustainable pathway for the deployment of commercial autonomous systems [London: 24 March 2021] Today, Drone Major Group* has announced the launch of the first ever drone technology ‘Test and Development Area’ project, to be created in the Liverpool City Region. The project is to be delivered in partnership with Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA) and is expected to put the region on the path to become a global ...

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