To deliver sustainable and commercially viable drone services to the Liverpool City Region in support of commerce, employment, skills, education and the environment.

Taking Implementation to the Next Level

Phoenix I is the first in a family of interconnected projects working with key industry stakeholders to deliver commercially viable, scalable and environmentally sound services using drone technology across all environments (surface, underwater, air & space).  All projects share a common data analysis model to ensure that lessons are learned, not repeated, and that the progress vector accelerates exponentially.

Benefits for Industry

  • A clear pathway to operational drone capabilities;
  • All relevant stakeholders and suppliers are brought together by the project;
  • All legislative issues are dealt with within the project;
  • All technical challenges are dealt with by the project;
  • Create the service you need rather than what others want to sell to you;
  • One supplier bound by robust governance and standards to ensure quality, scalability and sustainability.


Phoenix I stakeholders have agreed to developed a 'Shared Drone Infrastructure' to support various use cases outlined by stakeholders across the region as detailed in the nodal tree below:

Lead Supporter


STATUS - Phase 1 Scoping and Implementation Planning has commenced. 
Please get in touch using the links below if you wish to engage.

Delivering advanced unmanned systems to
Liverpool City Region

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