To deliver sustainable and commercially viable solution to the challenge of monitoring, reporting and verification for the global voluntary carbon market.

The Imperative

Carbon offsetting is an essential part of the global drive towards net-zero carbon targets but, without confidence in the value of carbon reduction projects, investment in this area will remain low.  At a time when it is clear that our world is changing rapidly due to human activity is more urgent than ever.

The Challenge

Reliable verification of carbon reduction projects is necessary to access most carbon payments.

While satellite data is available to verify biomass, this data alone is not sufficient to provide confidence in the market.

Currently, validation is conducted ‘on the ground’ which is not only time consuming but brings extra layers of uncertainty due to:

  • Difficulty getting skilled fieldworkers;
  • Lack of standardised and quality checks on the collection processing of field data;
  • Insufficient reference values for validation;
  • Absence of landscape ecosystem outlook;
  • Disputable project outcomes.

Voluntary offsets can no longer rely on a patchwork of different verification standards to ensure quality

The Opportunity

Drone technology can uniquely deliver the solution to the challenges associated with:

-Third party impartial field data verification;

-Accurate biomass measurements;

-The provision of ecosystem insights in support of premium projects;

What this Project will Deliver

Phoenix III will deliver a drone system, with the range and capability to cover the entire project, which spans 20000 acres to deliver:

  • Carbon Credit Verification – working with Space4Good B.V., the project team will deliver independent verification of their satellite, area based biomass data;
  • Biodiversity Mapping –developing and deliver a biodiversity mapping model;
  • Risk Mapping - developing and deliver a risk mapping model;
  • Community Support –developing an East African hub to deliver long term verification and agricultural intelligence data in support of projects in the region;

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Delivering advanced unmanned systems to Liverpool City Region

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